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Au Sable River Valley Medical Clinics

Masthead - Medical Clinics

A clinic (or outpatient clinic or ambulatory care clinic) is a health care facility that is primarily devoted to the care of outpatients. Clinics can be privately operated or publicly managed and funded, and typically cover the primary health care needs of populations in local communities, in contrast to larger hospitals which offer specialized treatments and admit inpatients for overnight stays. Some clinics grow to be institutions as large as major hospitals, or become associated with a hospital or medical school, while retaining the name “clinic."

 Medical Clinics

Advanced Laser of Northeast Michigan [Laser Tattoo and Hair Removal], 4433 N. U.S. 23, Oscoda, MI 48750, Phone: (989) 569-3596

Alcona Health Centers [Medical Clinics], 1185 US-23 N., Alpena, MI 49707, Phone: (989) 356-4049

Alcona Health Centers [Medical Clinics], 205 N. State Street. Suite A, Harrisville, MI 48740, Phone: (989) 724-5655

Alcona Health Centers [Medical Clinics], 177 N. Barlow Road, P.O. 279, Lincoln, MI 49742, Phone: (989) 736-8157

Alcona Health Centers [Medical Clinics], 5671 N. Skeel Ave., Suite 8, Oscoda, MI 48750, Phone: (989) 739-2550

AuSable Free Clinic [Medical Clinics], 1100 E. Michigan Ave. Grayling, MI 49738, Phone: (989) 348-0740

Clement C. Van Wagoner VA Outpatient Clinic [Medical Clinics], 180 North State Avenue, Alpena,  MI 49707, Phone: ( 989) 356-8720 


DaVita West Branch Dialysis [Medical Clinics], 599 Court St., West Branch, MI 48661, Phone: (989) 343-9114

Gaylord VA Outpatient Clinic [Medical Clinics], 806 South Otsego, Gaylord, MI 49735, Phone: (989) 732-7525

Oscoda Health Park [Health Care], 5939 North Huron Road, Oscoda, MI 48750, Phone:| (989) 739-1441

Oscoda VA Outpatient Clinic [Medical Clinics], 5671 Skeel Avenue, Suite 4,  Oscoda, MI 48750, Phone:  (989) 747-0026 or (877) 472-0282  

Nu Pella Med Spa & Laser Center [Medical Clinics], 2333 Progress Street, West Branch, MI 48661, Phone: (989) 701-2550

Primary Care [Medical Clinics], 559 Progress St. Bldg A, Ste A, P.O. Box 340, West Branch, MI  48661, Phone: (989) 345-0945


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